Hi! I'm Marina. I’m originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Now my heart is disrupted between my beloved St. Petersburg and different and spacious Toronto which became my new home. I’m  still so excited about the city of St. Petersburg: its  history, architecture, rivers, bridges, adrenaline in the air and  people who live very close to each other and come out of their homes every morning to be mixed in  boiling up, roaring crowd. But appreciate North American comfort, calm, nature and freedom.  Oh…and shopping of course!!))I love finding beautiful things, enjoy them and create my special blend.

I am Dasha) hey everyone.I am very passionate about my career, i do aesthetics for fun and living. Everything about skin, makeup, nails, fashion makes my life interesting and complete. I admire beautiful ambitious people that like to stand out from a grey crowd. If you think you are one of them, or want to be - welcome to our blog)

I was born in Moscow - city that never sleeps. Unfortunately,with all my love to Toronto its a sleeping beauty for me so far. I want to change that...