понедельник, 25 февраля 2013 г.

Shellac Sweet Dreams Spring 2013 Collection

Shellac also Launched spring 2013 collection called "Sweet Dreams". Very tender, pastel yet bright colors finally made a great addition to Shellac Hues. We have been waiting for it for too long!
Going on a March break? Make sure you get your Shellac on so you don't suffer from any chipped nail polish or cracked nails, as Shellac makes them harder too. Pick a color to match or contrast your bathing suit and south you go!)

From left to right: Cake pop (light solid pink), Azure wish (cheer baby blue), Liliac Longing (solid purple), Limeade (sheer light green), Grapefruit Sparkle (sheer, sparkly baby pink)

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Essie Madison Ave-Hue Spring 2013 Collection

Picked your wardrobe colors for spring yet? Here is a color hue that Essie suggests to wear on nails this spring. Mix and match accordingly to your wardrobe and mood. Can believe spring is around the corner already! I could not decide which color I like more so this time i pick 2 favorites, "Madison Ave-Hue" and "Avenue Maintain".

From Left to Right: Madison Ave-Hue 821, Hip Anema 826, Avenue Maintain 822, Go Ginza 825, Bonding with Whomever 823, Maximillian Strasse Her 824.

Dont forget about your girlfriends and moms, get them a must have MINI set. Cant think of an occasion? How about International Women Day March 8th? :)

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пятница, 15 февраля 2013 г.

GAGA, Snow, Cats

It was such a perfect day!

It was Saturday first of all. So I had a nice sleep which is a good way to start a good day.

There was a huge snowstorm in Toronto the day before. They already cleared up a bit. But still..there was SO MUCH SNOW! It seemed to me snow was everywhere. In my boots, in my ears, under my jacket, inside of  my head.

I had a dance class in the afternoon and we went to see LADY GAGA BORN THIS WAY BALL afterwards. Oh My! Gaga did amazing! I think the is fairly talented and her choreographer is a genius too.

I keep on with animal prints. I already have birds, cats, a squirrel, sheeps, bees and a bear in my little wardrobe zoo.  I went for the cats that day.


Michael Kors Jacket
Talula Skirt
H&M Snood
Juicy Couture Earmuffs
Calzedonia Tights
Jacob Knee High Socks
B2 Browns Shoes Boots