четверг, 3 января 2013 г.

Snow is a Sun Replacement Feature

I think of snow as a sun replacement feature! We get all grumpy and depressed due to lack of sunlight in winter, but thanks to bright white, shiny, puffy snow we keep on going. Remember last winter? Lack of snow  and sun lead us to " the end of the world" depressive thoughts. We survived! Snow is back) Winter officially arrived, so now we can start skating, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, rolling in a snow making angels and enjoying life even without sunlight!)

The fact that I keep squinting on every picture is another proof that snow is just like sunlight)


Skirt (Vintage)
Belt (Zara)
Turtleneck (Gap)
Vest ( Moskvichka)
Boots(Michael Kors)

 Posted by Dasha

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