среда, 16 января 2013 г.

A Breath of Spring in the Middle of January

World gone mad..Its +14 in January in Canada..

This shoot is inspired by fallen angels, which are not yet demons but already showing horns. Quiet, godforsaken place, melted water, heartbreaking solitude.

A dream that came true is a fallen angel. So do not worry if dreams do not come true. It's the only way they continue to live...



Blouse (Mango)
Jeans (Zara)
Boots (MK)
Bracelet & Ring (Mango)
Horns (Top Shop)

Make up:
Lipstick Mac in Candy
Eyeliner Gosh in Turquoise
Mascara Dior in Diorshow Extase

Essie Mademoiselle 384

Posted by Dasha

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