суббота, 24 ноября 2012 г.

Getting Cozy

Soft cozy sweaters, knit leggings, legwarmers, slouchy over knee socks, pom pom beanies, mittens and faux fur vests are my favourite pieces of fall/winter wardrobe. I think I'm addicted to buying winter socks and leggings. Somehow they appear mysteriously inspiring for me. I'm that kind of person who picks a coat to match the socks.

In order to keep myself warm I always do the layering: modal (my latest fabric passion) or cotton underneath and wool or cashmere on top. Don't ever think acrylic sweater will keep you warm even though it looks reliably chunky. Eventually thin wool sweater is warmer than thick acrylic one. 

In this outfit I couldn't make my choice between knit ikat print skirt and wool plaid shorts. I just love them both (unfortunately can't wear them at the same time)). Which pairing  do you think is better?


Sweater (Gap)
Skirt (Forever 21)
Shorts (Wilfred)
Mittens (Talula)
Vest (Handmade out of Michael Kors Aviator Jacket)
Tights (Calzedonia)
Over Knee Socks (Talula)
Boots (Guess)

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