среда, 28 ноября 2012 г.

Casual Autumn

This season Ive decided to cut a fair amount of non-skinny jeans to shorts, pair them with cozy leg warmers and plaid shirts. Got my Timberland boots to keep me warm and comfy. 

Iam very dependable on my mood when it comes to outfits, especially in winter. I hate bristly, scratchy, choking clothing. I get annoyed and can only think of how to get them off sooner. Therefore, acrylic, synthetic, polyester...etc is a no-no for me)When its "minus" weather what felt itchy or chocky before feels million times worse. 
I love you Cotton!)


Shirts (Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle)
Shorts (Armani Exchange (cut off jeans), American Eagle)
Leg Warmers (H&M, Roots)
Tights (Winners)
Vest (Zara)
Cardigan (Roots)
Leggins (Roots)
Boots (Timberland)
Bracelet (Guess)
Posted by Dasha

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