пятница, 5 октября 2012 г.

Long Skirts, High Heels!

Dasha: Finally its F-a-l-l!I got a little sick of heat, want yellow leaves, rain and apathy, leather jackets and boots, red lips, cozy sweaters and scarfs, green things (told you I'm obsessed i want green any season),some romance(optional),warming hot chocolate or Marina's Mulled wine with cinnamon, melancholy...Fall
Soon I'll get sick of cold, will pack my bags and head south) Love living in Toronto, few hours and you can find yourself burning under Caribbean sun. As for this shoot, we found an amphitheater, took our biker jackets (which are not in style this season:)and improvised as always. Enjoy and hopefully tell us what you think!)



Biker Jacket (French Connection)
Skirt (Vintage)
Shoes (Alexander McQueen)
Pendant (Swarowski)

Make Up:

Chanel Poudre Illuminatrice Iridescente
YSL volume effect Mascara

Marina: Never let stereotypes rule your mind!  When it comes to biker jackets I don't care about fashion and popularity. As far back as I can remember, I always had one or was going to get one. I'll be loyal to them whatever. Biker jackets weren't supposed to be trendy this season but Balmain luckily saved them (for such fans like D and myself).

And wearing maxi skirts with flats just got boring! I believe high heeled booties make my outfit more polished and sophisticated.

P.S. I'm quite passionate about my sock bun lately. Be prepared to see it a lot!)



Biker jacket (Guess)
Skirt (Zara)
Booties (Guess)
Tank top (Gap)

Make up: 
Chanel Ombre Perlees  Eyeshadow Palette (spring 2011 limited edition)

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