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"Ego surrounds you like a wall"-Osho

Do you feel sometimes that no matter what you do you are still facing THE wall? 

I discovered Osho a while back when started practicing yoga and meditation. Since then I am inspired by this man and his teachings. Here what Osho says about ego and our internal walls:

"Osho – The wall is not outside, the wall is inside you. So wherever you go, you carry your wall. When you are alert, you feel it; when you are not alert, you don’t feel it — but the wall is inside you.
The wall is of your own ego — ego surrounds you like a wall. It persuades you that by surrounding you in this way it will protect you. That’s the seduction of the ego. It goes on telling you again and again, ‘If I am not there you will be unprotected, you will become too vulnerable, and there will be too much risk. So let me guard you, let me surround you.’
Yes, there is a certain protection in the ego, but the wall becomes your imprisonment also. There is a certain protection, otherwise nobody would suffer the miseries that ego brings. There is a certain protection, it protects you against the enemy — but then it protects you against the friends also".

"The ego is a subtle wall around you. It does not allow anybody to enter into you. You feel protected, secure, but this security is deathlike. It is the security of the plant inside the seed. The plant is afraid to sprout because — who knows? The world is so hazardous and the plant will be so soft, so fragile. Behind the wall of the seed, hiding inside the cell, everything is protected".

"Life is always in the wild. Life is there outside. The English word ‘ecstasy’ is very, very significant. It means: to stand out. Ecstasy means to get out — out of all shells and all protections and all egos and all comforts, all deathlike walls. To be ecstatic means to get out, to be free, to be moving, to be a process, to be vulnerable so that winds can come and pass through you.
We have an expression, sometimes we say, ‘That experience was outstanding.’ That exactly is the meaning of ecstasy: outstanding. When a seed breaks and the light hidden behind starts manifesting; when a child is born and leaves the womb behind, all the comforts and all the conveniences behind, moves into the unknown world — it is ecstasy. When a bird breaks the egg and flies into the sky, it is ecstasy".

"The ego is the egg and you will have to come out of it. Be ecstatic! Get out of all protections and shells and securities. Then you will attain to the wider world, the vast, the infinite. Only then you live, and you live abundantly. But fear cripples you. The child, before he gets out of the womb, must also be hesitating about whether to get out or not. To be or not to be? It must take one step forward and another step back. Maybe that’s why the mother goes through so much pain. The child is hesitating, the child is not yet totally ready to be ecstatic. The past pulls it back, the future calls it forth, and the child is divided.
This is the wall of indecision, of clinging with the past, of clinging with the ego. And you carry it everywhere. Sometimes, in rare moments, when you are very alive and alert, you will be able to see it. Otherwise, although it is a very transparent wall, you will not be able to see it. One can live his whole life — and not one life, many — without becoming aware that one is living inside a cell, closed from everywhere, windowless — what Leibnitz used to call ‘monad’. No doors, no windows, just closed inside — but it is transparent, a glass wall".


Not facing it exactly, you are carrying the wall in front of your eyes. When your eyes have a clarity then you see it; when your eyes are dull and you are unconscious you can’t see it. This ego has to be dropped. One has to gather courage and shatter it on the floor. People go on feeding it in millions of ways, not knowing that they feed their own hell".

"The ego does not allow you to be true, it goes on forcing you to be false. The ego is the lie, but that one has to decide. It needs great courage because with it will shatter all that
you have been nursing up to now. It will shatter your whole past. With it YOU will shatter completely. Somebody will be there but you will not be that person. A discontinuous entity will arise within you — fresh, uncorrupted by the past. Then there will be no wall; then wherever you will be, you will see the infinite without any boundaries".

"All our formalities are nothing but helping each other’s ego. They ARE lies. You say something to somebody and he returns the compliment. Neither you nor he is true. We go on playing the game: etiquette, formalities, the civilised faces and masks.
Then you will have to face the wall. And by and by, the wall will become so thick that you will not be able to see anything. The wall goes on getting more and more thick every day — so don’t wait. If you have come to feel that you are carrying a wall around you, drop it! Jump out of it! It takes only a decision to jump out of it, nothing else. Then from tomorrow don’t feed it. Then whenever you see that you are again nursing it, stop. Within a few days you will see it has died, because it needs your constant support, it needs breastfeeding".

 Source – Osho Book “Dang Dang Doko Dang"

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