понедельник, 20 августа 2012 г.

The Queen of the Geese

Can you feel fall is almost here? Summer passed by so quickly. It became colder already but I take every opportunity to walk my summer outfits out. 

Today I was trying to make friends with the geese. I even shared Dasha’s pizza with them (so generous of me). I believe a human can understand all the other creatures. Not every human of course but I wish I was the one who can.

After we finished with the photoshoot, the geese made a roll call (I swear they were actually talking to each other), shot up, and flew away. Do you think they’ll miss me?


Earl Bales Park, Toronto, ON 


Skirt (Guess by Marciano)

Cardigan (Guess)

Top (Intimissimi)

Flats (Matt Bernson)

Sunglasses (Michael Kors)

Belt (Tezenis) 


Essie in Pretty Edgy

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