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Olympics 2012 Excitement

I am a big fan of Olympic games! I remember watching them since I was 5 (maybe less) with my grandfather, he is such an emotional fan when it comes to cheering for team Russia. He would jump out of his armchair so frisky (at his 70!), scream out loud and then run to the kitchen to pour himself a shot of homemade alcoholic beverage for our team) I got his enthusiasm for watching Olympic games. 

So far mostly impressed with our girls at Olympics in London. 
Synchronized Swimming Duet of Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina performing as dolls, made me hold my breath for 5 minuts). Russia takes gold medal home in synchronized swimming since Sydney in 2000, still I find their performance the most complex and unreal! 
Watch for yourself:

The SS Team of 8 also took the gold, absolutely deserved it. The music they used Kalinka Malinka and some folk song makes me knock my slippers on the floor to it) Amazing job Girls! I would hug you all, so proud of you!

As for Gymnastics, Russian girls nailed it. Aliya Mustafina took gold, silver and bronze.

Evgeniya Kanaeva took gold for rhythmic gymnastics, she is absolutely stunning!


Darya Dmitrieva took silver. She got to Olympicts replacing for her teammate who had a foot injury, and won silver!


As per group Gymnastics, we took gold the 4th time in a row)
Girls you swept all Olympic golds. 
Love Love Love
Our men also did spectacular job! Wrestling, Judo, Boxing got gold in each category. Volleyball team took gold)

Overall you all are champions in my eyes! Great results, a lot of courage and talent! See you in Sochi 2014 I am sure homeland will help our team to perform even better and hopefully I can finally go and watch Olympic games Live)

 And here is me, pretending to sit at fans tribune) Got my thoughts on gymnastics, praying for our girls)

Go Team Gymnastics!!))
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