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They See You!

Sunglasses are an important part of my summer outfit. I cant’t go outside without wearing them since my eyes are highly sensitive. I basically can’t see anything in the light.  Moreover, I start screwing up my eyes, wrinkling my forehead, knitting my brows and I end up with all my face muscles so exhausted to keep that very pretty grimace. Not to mention the fact that it’s the shortest way to increase the number of mimic wrinkles. I’m also concerned about protecting my eyes from ultraviolet radiation (I've recently raised this issue). 

When it comes to sunglasses, the only thing that matters for me is the brand. I absolutely don’t  trust both no name sunglasses and cheap sunglasses. I even don’t trust some expensive sunglasses as well. Of course my designer sunglasses might not be the perfect choice (I’m not a specialist) but at least  I do my best.  

These tips I always keep in mind when I choose my sunglasses: 
  • The frame has to be big enough to provide adequate protection.
  • Good sunglasses slightly improve the clarity of vision.  (I'm always surprised with how noticeable the veins in my legs seem. Trying on new sunglasses, I find well-lighted place and start staring at my legs.) 
  • They should fit my face and be comfortable.
  • Quality made frame ("Made in Italy". These magic words I crave seeing on any garment label). The way the sides connected to the frame can tell a lot.
Oh..and they shouldn’t be boring )

I don’t have so many sunglasses but I love all of them. And I need them all to wear with different outfits and for different occasions.
Dior Sunglasses

Pucci Sunglasses

Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses

Moschino Sunglasses

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Due to my passion, my collection grows. I’m planning on buying anything from Tom Ford.  (I’m quite obsessed with everything this guy does.) And I really like cat eye frames as well as coloured sunglasses.

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