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My Green Obsession

I officially admit it, I am obsessed with green. When i walk in to a store, guess where I am heading? Area where all green things are concentrated. Whether its clothing, nail polish,food ...whatever, cant miss me, I'll meet you beside green)

Word Green actually comes from old English verb growan, "to grow". In Russian green is Зелёный (green) which comes from the word зелень (greens, as in plants, not money). I like to know where words come from, it always makes sense.

Another interesting fact about green, is that it is used to symbolically represent the fourth primary chakra (Anahata, Sanskrit: अनाहत, Anāhata). It is believed to be the center of force, which inspires the human being to love, be compassionate, altruistic, devoted and to accept the things that happen in a divine way. Anahata is responsible for making decisions following your heart. My Anahata is definitely functioning to its best capacity) And I like it that way. 

This is by far not all the green cloth I collected, just an idea. With my red hair, I can never go wrong with green)

As for nail polish, I agree with OPI, Jade is the new black!)

OPI in Jade is the new black, Mermaids Tears, Just Spotted the Lizard (Spiderman 2012), Did it on 'em.
Essie in Pretty edgy, Navigate Her, Turquoise & Caicos
China Glaze in Con-Fused? (Magnetix 2012), I'am with the lifeguard, Entourage, In the Limelight (neon)
Prolana in Lime Overdose

My moisturizer also happens to be green, and not just by looks.It is made in Germany by Rosa Graf. Contains Green Tea Extract, very powerful antioxidant. Cream is light, 24hr hydration, no parabens, chemical emulsifiers or coloring. Absolutely love it!

I am a fan of green tea any season. Someday I'll create a separate post about my obsession with green tea) As for today's post, this is how rainy day looks to me. A large cup of good Chinese tea, a book and look(!) the cover of the book I recently read is also green:))

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