среда, 25 июля 2012 г.

Lagoon City

I have discovered Lagoon city a couple of years back while driving along Simcoe lake looking for a nice, not overcrowded beach. Very neat neighborhood, all houses connected with canals that lead straight to the lake from your very own backyard. It was pleasantly surprising to discover a place like this in Ontario. "Little Venice" I though to myself. 

So there we are, just the two of us) sunbathing, walking curved streets of Lagoon City and checking out property listings) I am deep down in my dreams, almost hallucinating (due to heat probably)that one day ill own one of those small, yet cozy houses. I can even picture my boat parked at the canal on my backyard. It is red (don't know why,surprised its not green) and there is a bucket full of ice and champagne!) And the best part, is that I'll be able to sail anywhere in the world straight from my home in Lagoon City. It is definitely time to cool off before my imagination (and unreal heat) will get me too carried away and I'll start thinking of places i would sail to on my little red boat. 

So, we get to the water, of course I jump  in my dress..so nice and refreshing) Summer, please don't go away!

Dress (Guess)
Shoes( Zara)
Necklace (Guess)

Marina: My name is related to water. I love water and I need it. I mean when I look at it I feel like it dissolves and washes away all my negative emotions. The aftertaste of those words you play in your head over and over and then leave unsaid. 

I grew up in a condo at the 8th floor, looking at the Gulf of Finland and a pine forest from my windows.  Water reminds me of my childhood, my girlish dreams, so naïve and pure. For how long I don’t have dreams, only plans? Sometimes it seems I can’t afford dreaming. It’s so much easier not to dream at all than to be disappointed…

Oh Gosh! What brought me to this blue mood? Things aren’t so bad!  And I still want to see the ocean someday.



Dress (Guess by Marciano)
Sandals (Nine West)
Sunglasses (Michael Kors)
Handbag (Mattata)

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