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Bikini So Teeny

I got this set as a gift from my lovely girlfriend. She brought it from Europe, I thought i'd share it with you. So nice of her, so good for me:)

Nail Design: Dasha Strilyana
Photographer: Marina Afonskaya

Bikini so Teeny baby blue color made me receive a lot of attention in one day:) I was going through drive-through to get my morning coffee on the way to work as always, when the girl in a receiving window saw my fingernails holding on to paper cup with freshly made coffee, she yelled excitingly "oh my god, you are wearing bikini so teeny", it kind of made my day to know i am not alone in my obsession with nail polish:) After the day continued with my clients at work grabbing my hands and staring at my "bikini so teeny" and "navigate her" painted in a nice ensemble. Little things make your mood and your day, don't they?

Oh the scents, every significant moment of my life is bonded to scent. I fall in love accompanied with scents) this May I was loitering arounsd Pearson's duty free waiting for my flight and i felt in love with Narciso) We had just a moment before he was mine forever or at least for this long awaiting summer.

Essie Nail Enamel in Navigate Her(Spring 2012 Navigate Her Collection)
Essie Nail Enamel in Bikini So Teeny (Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection)

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau Delicate Eau De Toilette

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